Roaring Twenties

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Fun Facts About Flapper Girls

Louise Brooks

Actress Louise Brooks

  • Traditional Flapper accessories include long pearl necklaces, a small sequined purse, a cigarette holder and a feather boa.  Wearing fishnet stockings also completes the ensemble.
  • The ideal dress length for Flappers was right below or above the knee.  The fringe could cover a few inches below the knee for the more conservative types.
  • Most Flapper dresses were designed with plunging necklines, but few women would emphasize their breasts; the classic look of the 20s was simple, streamlined and masculine, so it was better to be flat chested than ‘busty’ to pull off the most fashionable look of the era
  • Most Flapper girls had short, bobbed hair cut in a ‘bowl cut’ or angled bob
  • Famous Flappers in history include Louise Brooks and Joan Crawford
  • Flappers often had a beauty mark above their lip
  • Some Flappers wore an oversized floppy hat instead of a headband to draw attention to their unique look
  • The traditional Flapper look didn’t emerge until 1926 when more women began to embrace the modern style and distinctive look
  • Flappers were usually middle class
  • Flapper fashion shortened the hemline of dresses and skirts for the first time
  • Flappers embodied a more masculine silhouette; the dresses were loose, shapeless and designed for the flat chested woman
  • Even though the Mary Jane ankle strap button shoe was the fresh new shoe style of the twenties, Flappers preferred flat shoes to complete their masculine-inspired look.  However, many still preferred a feminine look and embraced high-heeled Mary Janes and pointed booties for their ensemble.


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